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More Changes on the Fosway

2015 and 2016 have seen lots of changes to Fosway Group. A new brand, an expanded team, a new research partnership for learning technologies, and a new analyst practice for Next Gen HR, deep diving our EMEA research into HR transformation, talent retention and acquisition, and Cloud HCM.

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Has the European Court of Justice Rained on the Cloud HCM Parade?

With the European Court of Justice ruling that Safe Harbour is invalid, you could think that they have well and truly rained on the Cloud HCM parade – which is dominated by US providers.  But the likelihood is, that although it is disruptive in the short term, it is more of a momentary inconvenience than [...]

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Next Generation Learning: Symposium 2015

The Fosway team is looking forward to our tenth annual Learning Symposium which takes place in London on Wednesday 3rd June. Attended by senior L&D professionals from leading corporates across EMEA, ours is a learning event with a difference. Conferences and formal presentations have their place of course, but when we want to explore an [...]

By | Juni 2nd, 2015|Next-Gen-Learning, Roundtables and Events|1 Comment

A New HR Analyst Practice And A New Brand

Welcome to Fosway Group, the new home of Europe’s leading independent research, analysis and insight for next generation HR and learning. We have rebranded from Elearnity to become Fosway Group which is exciting in itself, but we are also delighted to announce our expansion with the launch of a new HR analyst practice. Our existing [...]

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2015 9-Grid™ for Integrated Talent Management

Fosway is marking the launch of our new HR analyst practice and our new brand with the release of the updated 2015 9-Grid™ for integrated talent management. The new 9-Grid™ illustrates the progress of key providers in the European market in the last 12 months, including some new additions. The model helps buyers understand which [...]

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Will HR Ever Wow The C-Suite?

When we reviewed the results of the European HR Realities survey, conducted in partnership with HRN Europe last year, some of the results really stood out, and none more so than HR’s inability to “wow” the C-Suite. Less than 10% believed their most influential stakeholders were extremely satisfied by any of their HR Services. Moreover, [...]

By | März 23rd, 2015|Uncategorised|1 Comment

HR Technology in Europe: The Critical Realities for 2015

What are the realities, plans, trends and challenges of HR and HR Technology in Europe? HR Technology tends to be viewed as a global market, but the reality for European customers often feels very different, and research on the priorities, needs and differences for European companies is very thin on the ground. Our unique research, [...]

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NEW Learning 9-Grids for 2015

For those of you who may have missed the release our latest 9-Grid reports at the Learning Technology Show 2015 in London last month...  here are the quick links to the FREE reports. They cover Learning Management Systems, Authoring Tools and Bespoke e-learning Development (with an update for Talent Management scheduled for March). Independent International [...]

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Why has the LCMS market not been more successful? 

The following is from a posting I made on a linkedIn discussion on why there aren't more LCMS vendors and why they haven't seemingly been that successful. Thought it would be interesting to include here as well... We have tracking the LCMS space for 8+ years including reviewing many of the leading solutions, and providing [...]

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Launch of our new 9-Grid™ model mapping LMS and e-learning provision in the UK and EMEA

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new and unique insight into the European (EMEA) learning and talent market. Our new 9-Grid™ models for Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Bespoke E-learning Development are based on independent analysis and insights through our corporate research network of over 150 organisations including BP, Lloyds Banking Group, Rolls [...]

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