The Fosway team is looking forward to our tenth annual Learning Symposium which takes place in London on Wednesday 3rd June. Attended by senior L&D professionals from leading corporates across EMEA, ours is a learning event with a difference. Conferences and formal presentations have their place of course, but when we want to explore an area like next generation learning in more depth, our roundtable approach delivers much deeper insights into current trends, hot topics and real-world experiences.

Hosting roundtable style events is something we’ve been doing since 2001, and they continue to be a fantastic format for stimulating insight and debate. Understanding the challenges they face every day gives us a unique edge in our research and advisory services. Most importantly though, by sharing it in a trusted environment with their peers, other organisations can learn from what’s working – and what’s not.

Sessions at the event include:
•    Content development tools and techniques
•    Next generation learning systems
•    Reporting, analytics and business impact
•    Learning strategy

Each will focus around facilitated discussions with small groups and provide a behind-the-scenes perspective of what is happening in corporate learning today. The insights gained from these discussions provide excellent input into Fosway Group’s ongoing corporate research process. These help us identify patterns of interest and experience for deeper research. And we know that our attendees get a huge amount of value from participating in terms of expanding their own expertise and understanding, as well as some invaluable networking time.

Get involved

We are pleased to say that key highlights will be shared across social media channels throughout the day via @Fosway and using the hashtag #FoswaySymp. We always to feed in comments and insights from the backchannel so do ask questions and follow from afar if you will not be there in person.

Attendees usually include members of our Corporate Research Network and attendance is by invitation only. If you would like to know more about joining the CRN and attending future roundtable events on Next Generation HR or Next Generation Learning, register here for more information.

As well as discussions amongst members of our Corporate Research Network, the Symposium also provides a unique dialogue between corporate delegates and the suppliers of learning solutions via a rapid fire series of joint corporate/vendor roundtable sessions. Vendor participants this year are Kallidus, Cornerstone OnDemand, CrossKnowledge, Net Dimensions, Saba und Xyleme.

Stay tuned to the blog for summaries of the sessions and a recap of the highlights in the next few days.