2023-24 HR Realities Research Survey – Shaping the Future of Work and HR

Welcome to Fosway Group’s HR Realities Research 2023-24. This annual survey, now in its 10th edition, offers comprehensive insights into the current trends, challenges, and opportunities faced by HR professionals in today’s rapidly evolving world.

The HR Realities Research Survey has become a cornerstone resource for HR leaders and organisations seeking to understand the shifting dynamics of the workplace. By capturing the thoughts and experiences of HR professionals from a wide range of industries and enterprises, the survey illuminates the strategies, technologies, and best practices that shape the future of HR.

We are excited to launch this year’s survey and look forward to uncovering insights that help shape the HR strategies of tomorrow. We encourage HR professionals to join us in this research at a time of immense innovation and change

David Perring, Director of Research, Fosway Group

The HR Realities Corporate Research Survey has become an essential resource for HR professionals, providing a pulse on the HR landscape and guiding organisations as they navigate the future of work

David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group

HR Realities Research 2022

Der Mangel an Talenten wird immer mehr zu einer Herausforderung für den Unternehmenserfolg, da Unternehmen weiterhin mit den Folgen der Pandemie, den Auswirkungen der digitalen Transformation, dem demografischen Wandel, dem instabilen Klima und der Nachhaltigkeit sowie dem zunehmenden wirtschaftlichen Gegenwind zu kämpfen haben. Die Fosway Group, Europas führender HR-Branchenanalyst, veröffentlicht heute in Zusammenarbeit mit UNLEASH die Studie "HR Realities 2022", die die größten HR-Herausforderungen für Arbeitgeber aufzeigt und Einblicke in HR-Strategie, Technologie und Innovation gewährt.

With 95% of respondents seeing the availability of talent as their most significant business challenge, the research shows that HR priorities have realigned to address skills shortages. This year, reskilling and upskilling, employee retention, and facilitating digital transformation have surged up HR’s strategic priority list compared to 2021.

HR says talent shortages are the most significant business challenge

In this webinar we explore some of the latest HR strategy and solution trends from our 2022 HR Realities research and reflect on what successful HR teams are doing to accelerate and transform their people experience and help organisations thrive.

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