HR Realities Research 2017-18

HR Realities 2017-18: An Employee Value Proposition for the Future of Work

HR in Europe doesn’t conform to a single set of challenges with a simple single set of answers, it is much more complex. However, understanding this complexity through real data hasn’t been easy. Research on the priorities, needs and differences for European companies has been very thin on the ground.

The HR research that exists frequently has a very US centred perspective, and therefore limited value to European decision makers. This independent research from Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, looks to redress the balance.

Fosway unashamedly takes an international position and focus on European HR trends, challenges and realities. These reports are a complimentary resource and we hope you will find this ongoing research useful and informative.

This first report in the 2017-18 research explores the perfect storm brewing around the war for talent and what it takes for HR to create an employee value proposition that helps recruit, develop and retain the best people both now, and in the future.

HR Realities 2017-18: An Employee Value Proposition for the Future of Work
HR realities 2017-18 employee engagement report

HR Realities Research 2017-18: Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

This report highlights the growing trend in 2017-18 of recognising and addressing the importance of employee engagement and engagement not only within HR, but across the wider organisation and public consciousness.

It tackles this specific element from the research as one of the most talked about topics of the year and employee engagement particularly, as the leading measure of success for HR. Despite this however, the innovation and systems adoption of this area has been comparatively slow. Download the report to find out why.

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