Next Generation HR

Welcome to Fosway Group’s HR analyst practice. We have been analysing the HCM and talent markets for a number of years now. The lack of European-focused analysis and insight has been a significant challenge for companies, and here, we address that.

Fosway Group’s Next Generation HR analyst practice provides independent research and advice on key trends, underlying business drivers and outcomes. We take an integrated view of HR covering disciplines including talent management, succession planning, recruitment, performance, and compensation and benefits. We provide the insights you need to transform your HR strategies, processes and technologies.

Our research is dedicated to the analysis and understanding of what is happening within HR, how that impacts organisations today and establishing a next generation approach for the future. The Fosway research agenda focuses on business critical topics and key challenges, including HR transformation, Human Capital Management, Cloud HCM, integrated talent management, and global payroll.


9-Grid™ is a five dimensional market analysis model that is used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in markets which include Cloud HCM and Integrated Talent Management systems. 9-Grid™ has been in evolution since 2008 and is driven by demand for analysis and insight designed for European-based companies. Too often, organisations have had to rely on a US-centric view. View the latest 9-Grids™ now.

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Fosway’s research collaboration with UNLEASH is now in its fifth year. Further extending our existing body of research, the 2017-18 results explore responses from 600+ HR leaders across Europe. This year, for the first time, we focused on emerging areas of strategic importance including employee engagement and wellbeing, HR’s role in the employer value proposition and the potential impact of HR on the modern workforce and the future of work.

You can download both the reports and key insights via the summary infographic, which include insights on:

  • How to become an employer of choice as the war for talent intensifies
  • Dealing with an increasingly diverse workforce
  • Just how suited are HR processes for the modern workforce?
  • Increasing HR budgets but decreasing HR headcount – where is the money going?
  • Innovation and digital transformation – why new technologies such as AI and blockchain are far from a reality for most organisations (but could be critically important!)
  • Why managers and organisational culture getting in the way of employee engagement

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Research Reports

Discover, digest and download Fosway Group research into next generation HR, including full reports, infographics, articles and Viewpoints. We hope this library of content will help inform your thinking and key decision making around next generation HR strategies, and the technology to best support your HR and organisational goals.

Forward Research Agenda

  • HR Critical Realities 2017 – 18
  • The Impact of BREXIT on HR
  • Talent in the Modern Workforce
  • New 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition
  • HR Customer Experience
  • Cloud HR Services and Implementation
  • HR Analytics

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