Fosway’s learning practice is a team of experts analysing and helping organisations understand the key trends, technologies and business drivers behind learning in 2020 and beyond.

At Fosway Group, we have 23+ years of unique insights into corporate learning technology and innovation. Our learning analyst practice continues to provide Europe’s leading independent research and advice on key trends, underlying business drivers and outcomes from Next Generation Learning. Wherever you are in your journey with learning innovation, and whatever your roadmap and drivers for change are, our analysts can help.

The market for learning technology continues to boom. Investment is increasing and new products and vendors appear every year. And the landscape gets harder to track and trickier to navigate. With an ever expanding choice of options – from a new focus on analytics and AI, to creating digital learning ecosystems that work, to harnessing the power of video, mobile and microlearning – your decisions on what to buy are becoming more exciting – and more risky – than ever before.


9-Grid™ is a five dimensional market analysis model that is used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in markets which include the increasingly strategic talent systems market. 9-Grid™ has been in evolution since 2008 and is driven by demand for analysis and insight designed for European-based companies. Too often, organisations have had to rely on a US-centric view. Fosway creates 9-Grid™ models for the Learning Systems and Digital Learning markets.

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As the response to the COVID-19 pandemic shifts gears across Europe, we have gathered new research into the impact it is having on corporate Learning & Development. We believe it’s important to cut through the noise and understand how the changes to working and learning are affecting L&D budgets and spend – but also what’s working and what’s not in supporting people through this tough time.

There was inevitably going to be a move to more digital learning from face-to-face training of course. But there are deeper shifts happening here and these initial results show that L&D might never be the same again. Read the headlines and download your copy of the infographic here. 

Digital Learning Realities

Where do you currently go to find that precious information that helps you decide which tools and solutions to implement? How do you get a handle on what’s really happening in the market in terms of trends, growth, spend and customer success? Until now there has been no single place that provides a comprehensive assessment of the market. But the strategic research partnership between Fosway and Learning Technologies – and its supporting community, The Learning and Skills Group, is changing that.

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Discover our latest Innovation Profile featuring Sky.

Sky is an organisation that has undergone significant transformation since its inception nearly 30 years ago to become Europe’s leading entertainment and communication business. To keep up with the pace of change and the huge impact digital technology has on its people, Sky’s approach to learning and development has undergone a transformation of its own. This Innovation Profile explores:

  • Digital transformation; drivers, dilemmas and opportunities
  • The shift to agile; how and why it has worked successfully
  • Partner selection and implementation
  • Impact and lessons learned


Microlearning, resources not courses, campaign learning, user generated content…these are all trends in learning at the moment, but how do you put all the pieces of next gen learning together to create coherent and engaging learning experiences? Fosway’s PLASMA Learning Cycle shows you how.

Fosway PLASMA Learning Cycle