Fosway Vendor Programme

If you’re a provider of Next Gen HR, talent or learning solutions, discover how we can work with you across a range of services, from research resources, to strategic insights, competitive benchmarking, thought leadership and lead gen support.

We know what vendors need to succeed

As Europe’s #1 HR analyst, Fosway analyses and advises many leading corporate organisations and helps them accelerate and de-risk their HR, talent and learning innovations. As a vendor, we can help you understand your current performance in the market and increase your future potential. Actively engaging with us enables you to better tell your story, build greater visibility by leveraging our research and market insights, and understand how to improve your customer success and solutions.

Fosway Group’s vendor services aim to strengthen analysis of the HR, talent and learning technology markets across EMEA, including:

• HR transformation and Cloud HCM
• Talent acquisition and talent management
• Digital learning and learning technologies
• Employee engagement and retention

Core Research

Fosway’s core vendor research is a zero cost programme of briefings and other analyst activity that introduces new supplier and provides the foundation of the strong, two-way relationships that ensures our understanding and knowledge of the latest innovations, tools and technologies. This level of analyst activity includes annual briefings, tracking of customer feedback, news submissions, and access to our exclusive 9-Grid™ and Vendor Perspectives reports.

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Our Fosway Vendor Programme (FVP) enables us to proactively engage with vendors on a more regular basis and plays an important role in our market profiling activities which we use when we publish the 9-Grid™ and Vendor Perspectives reports. In-depth product briefings and data capture combine with ongoing customer feedback and quarterly updates to ensure up-to-the-minute knowledge of your solutions. FVP also provides the unique opportunity to preview and comment on our write-ups and the option to distribute your reports to your customers and prospects.

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Plus+ Analyst Services

Vendors and suppliers frequently require private analyst services which Fosway provides through our Plus+ programme. This approach enables you as a vendor to commission custom advisory projects, conducted confidentially, around a specific scope of work or topic that is important to your product development or your overall business strategy and growth. It might be a review of your market position and competitor analysis, or it could be bespoke research or feedback on your roadmap.

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9-Grid™ is Fosway’s unique five dimensional model that can be used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in a particular market. It allows you to compare different solutions based on their Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership and Future Trajectories across the market. 9-Grid™ is designed to meet the demand for analysis and insight for European and UK-based companies. Too often, organisations have had to rely on a US-centric view.

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Research into available solutions is a time consuming and expensive past time for corporates. To help with the procurement processes and reviews of the solutions from all the key players across the Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning markets, we have created our Vendor Reports. These exclusive reports provide unbiased insights into the solutions available today. Perspectives are the only in-depth, independent analysis for organisations based in the UK and EMEA. Find out how your solution can be included in future reports by contacting us via the form below.

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Ensure your solution is part of Fosway Group’s ongoing research and talk to us in more detail about the benefits of getting involved with the Fosway Vendor Programme (FVP).

Tell us a bit about your company and your solution(s) in the contact form and a member of the Fosway Group team will be in touch directly to discuss what you do and the solutions you provide in more detail.


Vendors should also be part of the Fosway 9-Grid market analysis