8 Feb2017

The punchline: learning for impact and performance

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Last week, two things happened within a few hours of each other which bear referencing in relation to each other because they form something of a punchline as to what the Learning Technologies event is […]

6 Feb2017

Is the future of L&D already here?

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Learning Technologies 2017 logoThree days isn’t really long enough to reflect on everything that I saw and heard at Learning Technologies […]

27 Jan2017

Why it’s time for new analysis of digital and next generation learning

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A central part of our role as industry analysts at Fosway is to understand and make sense of the evolution of technology and ongoing shifts in the market. To that end, the Fosway 9-Grids™ were […]

26 Jan2017

New 9-Grids™ for learning now live

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Today we unveil our annual Fosway 9-Grids™ for Digital Learning, Learning Systems and Authoring Systems. Now in their fifth year, the 2017 Fosway 9-Grids™ have been recalibrated to reflect major shifts in the learning technology […]

12 Dec2016

What will digital learning do differently in 2017?

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As we move beyond the old notion of ‘e-learning’ and are now more likely to talk about digital learning instead, it’s important to get beyond the hype surrounding the next generation of learning technology and […]

25 Oct2016

New research highlights the realities of transforming European HR in 2016

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We’re delighted to unveil the first look at our new research, conducted in partnership with HRN, the world’s largest corporate HR network, into the realities of HR across the corporate landscape of Europe. The data […]

20 Oct2016

New Fosway 9-Grids™ for Cloud HCM and Talent Management launched

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Today we’re pleased to unveil our new Fosway 9-Grid™ for Cloud HCM (Human Capital Management) for the first time. We’re also announcing the 2016 update to our 9-Grid™ for Integrated Talent Management (ITM). […]

13 Sep2016

Learning Live 2016

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This week I attended the annual Learning Live event in London. Here are my key takeaways from an engaging, thought provoking event.

Jane Bozarth on showing your work

5 Sep2016

Learning Live 2016 Preview

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LEARNING LIVE LOGOThere's a distinct 'back to school' vibe around here this week. After an August where I didn't go on holiday, but seemingly everybody else did, it's all of a sudden noisy on my networks again. And I have the first event of the new 'school year' to look forward to: Learning Live, the annual conference of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

30 Aug2016

20 years of learning and HR technology research

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Fosway has reached a real milestone and is marking 20 years of learning and HR technology research since its inception in 1996. As part of our anniversary, we are opening our archive of research, sharing […]