9-Grid is EMEA’s leading market analysis model for Next Generation HR and Learning

2017 Fosway 9-Grids™ now available for Learning Systems, Digital Learning and Authoring Systems.

9-Grid™ is a five dimensional market analysis model that is used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in the learning and talent systems market. 9-Grid™ has been in evolution since 2008 and is driven by demand for analysis and insight designed for European-based companies. Too often, organisations have had to rely on a US-centric view.

We created 9-Grid™ based on Fosway’s unrivalled, independent research in the Next Generation HR and Learning markets over 20 years, and with the insights and experience of our Corporate Research Network. This comprises over 150 leading global companies; typically enterprise-scale organisations with a large European presence.

A key difference of the 9-Grid™ to other analyst models, is that all of the nine zones have value and a set of actions to maximise that value. 9-Grid™ explicitly prompts real conversations around the trade-off between customer performance, solution sophistication and total cost of ownership.

Fosway 9-Grid Integrated Talent Management Systems 2016
What the Fosway team don’t know about learning vendors, systems and solutions isn’t worth knowing!
Mike Booth, Learning Technologies Manager, Vodafone


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  • Potential – the solution’s scope and sophistication
  • Performance – comprising market performance and customer performance
  • Presence – historic and current presence including size of related business and number of enterprise customers
  • Total Cost of Ownership – the full cost of acquiring, implementing and operating the solution (typically over a 3 year period)
  • Future Trajectory – the impact of trends in the market, related to a vendor’s Performance and Potential


We know how expensive and time consuming research and supplier procurement can be. Once you have reviewed our 9-Grid™ reports, you will have gained useful insights into the various solutions on the market. To support the next step in your procurement processes and reviews of the key players, we provide a range of independent advisory services to help accelerate and de-risk your decisions. These include vendor selection processes and virtual advisory input.

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The expansion of our Next Generation Learning research, has already seen newly recalibrated 9-Grids™ launched for Learning Systems, Digital Learning and Authoring Systems to reflect major market shifts and customer demands. And with the addition of the new Fosway HR analyst practice, the 9-Grid™ model will be extended to key markets including talent acquisition and employee engagement.

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It’s so important to all the thousands of buyers based in the UK, EMEA and internationally to have access to independent analysis that accurately reflects their market. Most of the other research models that exist are US-centric and therefore provide very little real value to organisations seeking to make the best decision about which learning and talent system to invest in
David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group