Following my previous post on the Learning Technologies 2018 social team, here are the session details on who’s covering which sessions. Our contributors will be working hard to share insights and key takeaways from every single session of the conference. Remember, we use individual session hashtags so you can hone in on the specifics of certain topics or presentations. So, if you particularly want to know what an individual speaker has to say then you can just search #T1S5 for example. All session tags are detailed below (we don’t have specific tags for the keynotes because SO many people share from these that you can just follow the overall #LT18UK hashtag and keep up).

Day one: Keynote: Emerging Technologies: How advances in science and technology could transform the ways we live, work and learn

Day one: 11.10 – 12.20

#T1S1 – Emerging technologies: David Kelly and Steve Wheeler (Covered by Michelle Parry-Slater, Adam Harwood, Joan Keevill)

#T2S1 – Learning models: Charles Jennings and Joost Smilde (Covered by Sam Burrough)

#T3S1 – Behavioural change: Carlyn Brown, David Perring and Peter Yarrow (Covered by Kate Graham)

#T4S1 – Embedding learning: Laura Overton (TBC)

#T5S1 – Expanded learning: Angie Wagstaff, Guy Neal and Jackie Belcher (Covered by Ollie Gardener)

Day one: Lunchtime sessions

#D1L1 – Designing a modern learning programme: Sukh Pabial

#D1L2 – Globalisation, you and the learning profession: Mirjam Neelen, Norazah Nordin and Trish Uhl

 Day one: 13.50 – 15.00

#T1S2 – Virtual and augmented reality: Peter Daukintis and Ron Edwards (TBC)

#T2S2 – Content design: Myles Runham (Covered by Adam Harwood and Sam Burrough)

#T3S2 – Learning culture: Margaret H Kelsey, Nigel Paine and Tom Bailey (Covered by Sam Taylor and Ollie Gardener)

#T4S2 – Social technologies: Isabel de Clerq (Covered by Kate Graham)

#T5S2 – Simulations and games (Covered by Joan Keevill)

Day one: 15.30 – 16.40

#T1S3 – Artificial intelligence: James Cook and Nigel Wilson (Covered by Joan Keevill and Ollie Gardener)

#T2S3 – Video for learning: Ant Pugh and Matt Day (Covered by Adam Harwood)

#T3S3 – Collaborative technologies: Gemma Critchley and Michael Salone (Covered by Kate Graham)

#T4S3 – Personal development: Tony Buzan (TBC)

#T5S3 – Content development: Anthony Williams, Ceri Davies, Eilidh Cumbor, Pinda Dhillon-Sehra and Robert Fisher (Covered by Sam Burrough)

Day two: The key commandments of ‘learning to learn’ or how to become an expert in just about anything – Ulrich Boser

Day two: 11.30 – 12.30

#T1S4 – Future L&D: Mirjam Neelan and Patti Shank (Covered by Mark Berthelemy)

#T2S4 – Mentoring: Ewa Sulima and David Ivell (Covered by Michelle Parry-Slater and Patrick Mullarkey)

#T3S4 – Microlearning: Shannon Tipton (Covered by Kate Graham)

#T4S4 – Learning and the mind: Amy Brann, Alison Maitland and Laura Pelling (Covered by Sam Taylor)

#T5S4 – Learning value: Will Thalheimer (Covered by Joan Keevill)

Day two: Lunchtime sessions

#D2L1 – The truth about digital learning: David Wilson and David Perring (I’ll be waving the Fosway flag and covering this session)

#D2L2 – Smart learning on tight budgets: Andrew Jacobs, Ennis Reid and Sharon Claffey Kaliouby

Day two: 13.50 – 15.00

#T1S5 – Instructional design: Connie Malamed (Covered by Mark Berthelemy)

#T2S5 – Learning analytics: Trish Uhl (Covered by Patrick Mullarkey)

#T3S5 – Implementing learning systems: Andy Wooler and Mel Cooley (Covered by Michelle Parry-Slater)

#T4S5 – MOOCs: Hannah Gore and Sabine Gori (Covered by Kate Graham)

#T5S5 – Business-aligned learning: Ajay M Pangarkar and Krystyna Gadd (Covered by Joan Keevill)

Day two: 15.30 – 16.40

#T1S6 – AI technologies: Jamie Good (Covered by Joan Keevill)

#T2S6 – Predictive analytics: Matt Wicks (Covered by Kate Graham)

#T3S6 – Learning systems: Matthew Watson, Niels H Rasmussen, Sue Hawke and Suzanne Hamblion (Covered by Mark Berthelemy)

#T4S6 – Game and learning: Michael Sutton (TBC)

#T5S6 – Alignment in practice: Lisa Hamill and Lucy Davies (Covered by Patrick Mullarkey)

For the full conference programme and to pick which sessions you’d like to tune into, click here.

There is also a programme of seminars in the exhibition which is full to bursting here.

And so to next Wednesday – learning Glastonbury awaits!