9 Apr2018

This year we decided to defer our 9-Grid™ analysis of the Learning Authoring Systems market, but why?

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There are a few reasons for deferring our 9-Grid™ analysis of the Learning Authoring Systems market which usually launches in at the beginning of the year. We’ve had a number of questions about it […]

25 Jan2018

Learning Technologies 2018: Backchannel Details

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Following my previous post on the Learning Technologies 2018 social team, here are the session details on who’s covering which sessions. Our contributors will be working hard to share insights and key takeaways from […]

23 Jan2018

10 people to follow to get the most out of Learning Technologies 2018

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Learning Technologies 2018 is nearly upon us! And with the inaugural Learning Technologies France having already taken place this week, the L&D community is already in the mood for all the great content, sharing, networking […]

13 Nov2017

The Future of HR Systems is Employee Relationship Management (ERM)

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Our director of research, David Perring shares his insights on the future of HR systems, based on our latest research.

David Perring Fosway GroupI see a lot […]

19 Oct2017

Sharing the secrets of the HR tech market

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As well as this time of year being back to back conference season, it also sees a peak around Fosway’s HR research output. And we’re delighted to share one of our key pieces of research […]

8 Oct2017

HR’s failure to manage innovation should be a worry to us all

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Of the 15 innovations we highlighted in our summer survey with HRN, the lack of awareness and ignorance of one of the potentially most transformative technologies should be a worry to us all.

Block chain – […]

6 Oct2017

Taking a truly global view of HR, talent and learning

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Autumn is always a busy time of year for HR analysts, and the team at Fosway have already embarked on a global tour of events that sees us take in half a dozen cities in […]

28 Aug2017

Metrics, metrics, metrics! Measuring digital learning in your company

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Not measuring and not reporting your value add/ business contribution is going to damn your learning organisation to ever decreasing budgets. So what can you do asks our director of research, David Perring?

The more radical […]

24 Aug2017

How Are HR Changes Meeting the Needs of the Modern Workforce

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What are the needed HR changes as we continue on in a workplace that is continuously disrupted? As part of our preparations for HR Tech World in Amsterdam, this year’s HR Realities […]

7 Aug2017

How Frequently Do HR Systems Deliver a Positive Impact for Their Organisations?

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HR technology too often fails to deliver an impact for organisations.

Of all the ratings in the HR Realities research, one of the most shocking is the inability of HR systems to deliver a positive impact. […]