Learning Technologies 2016 logoNow in its third year, the Digital Learning Realities research is brought to you by Fosway Group and Learning Technologies – and its supporting community of over 10,000 L&D professionals worldwide – The Learning and Skills Group. The goal is to provide the definitive research on the digital learning market. This year, we gathered data from beyond Europe into Asia-Pacific from the largest cross section of digital learning customers and suppliers to create a much needed independent barometer of the digital learning market. Over 1300 L&D professionals have taken part already and there’s still time to have your say. Below are details of where else you can catch the Fosway team at this year’s event.

The Truth About Digital Learning

How does your experience of digital learning compare with others? Which technologies are really working in L&D and which are just hype or wishful thinking? In this year’s full Digital Learning Realities research report, we explore the truth about digital learning. This topic was also discussed in more detail at this year’s Learning Technologies conference in a unique roundtable session with David Wilson and David Perring helping attendees make informed decisions about their digital learning solutions and investment. You can download a full copy of the presentation here. The practical real-world insights include:

  • How L&D budgets and skill sets are changing with the growth of digital
  • Who’s really using what technologies today (and what you’ll be using tomorrow)
  • The implications for your current learning systems and content
  • Making sense of the market and managing your suppliers
  • Brand new data from the 2018 Digital Learning Realities research

Nudging us to deliver continuous learning

Will the next revolution in corporate learning come from converting our traditional courses and legacy e-learning experiences into microlearning, curation and gamified e-content?  Or is there another way to imagine corporate learning which breaks down the divisions of formal vs informal learning, 70:20:10 and the L&D obsession with delivering content rather than change? You can watch the full presentation here as our director of research, David Perring, shares practical insights and challenges us to consider the following:

  • Thinking about creating learning cycles
  • Using nudge to proactively drive learner relationships
  • The Big Picture for AGILE Learning Experiences
  • Assessing your current strategy and solutions ecosystem
  • Designing learning experiences for learner engagement

Catch up with the 2018 market and solution trends in our 9-Grid™ reports for Learning Systems and Digital Learning now