LEARNING LIVE LOGOThere’s a distinct ‘back to school’ feeling in the air this week. And we have the first event of the new term to look forward to: Learning Live, the annual conference of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

I’ll be tweeting from the following sessions, including:

Jane Bozarth: Show your work: the payoffs and how-tos of working out loud

As well as being lively and funny, Jane is also an expert who walks the walk, working and implementing her ideas in the real world. Since joining Fosway, I have been working out loud more across the team because that’s the culture here which I think is great. I would like to share more though, so am looking forward to some good tips here. Follow Jane on Twitter here if you don’t already.

Michelle Parry-Slater: The value of free: creating fantastic learning assets

Michelle is another expert who walks the walk. What I enjoy most is her practical advice. So this session for those in L&D on a budget should be a cracker. If you haven’t seen her #NoPlasters series, be sure to check it out. And you can follow her here.

Joe Tidman: Delivering an agile global learning strategy

Joe is not someone I know, but the title of his session caught my eye. I feel that L&D *needs* to become more agile. Organisations across the board do. And if learning can really achieve this, it’s future will be bolder and brighter in my opinion. So I’m fascinated to join this interactive session to find out more on Joe’s thinking. Follow him on Twitter here.

Julian Stodd: The socially dynamic organisation

I can barely keep up with Julian’s prolific output. I appreciate the way he is pushing boundaries around social learning and am interested to here more about his vision for wher he feels organisations should be heading. Keep up with him here.

Sarah Lindsell: PwC – Getting practical

There’s a trend with my session choices. Because Sarah is another expert who is walking the walk 100%. What she’s doing at PwC is inspirational for other learning teams looking to embrace the shift to digital. Her recent interview on Learning Now TV is a short teaser for what I know will be an insightful, pragmatic session based on real world experience. You can also follow Sarah here.

It’s a packed agenda with some interesting speakers and sessions. View the full programme here.

Other folk to follow:

Colin Steed – Learning Live Chair
Ed Monk – LPI Managing Director
Don Taylor – LPI Chairman
Michael Strawbridge – LPI Member Services
Jo Stephenson – Backchannel contributor
Phil Willcox – Backchannel contributor
Kim George – Backchannel contributor
Clare Haynes – Backchannel contributor

Tune into #LearningLive this Wednesday and Thursday for the live stream.