2015 and 2016 have seen lots of changes to Fosway Group. A new brand, an expanded team, a new research partnership for learning technologies, and a new analyst practice for Next Gen HR, deep diving our EMEA research into HR transformation, talent retention and acquisition, and Cloud HCM.

New research

The new HR practice has formalised our broader view of the trends and underlying business drivers for change and transformation within organisations today. It also enables us to provide insights and advice across the full lifecycle of your people strategy as well as the key innovations in HR, talent and learning. Through research partnerships with HRN/HR Tech World and Learning Technologies/Learning and Skills Group we are also building an unrivalled European focused research base on the realities of the market, corporate experience and vendor capability to supplement our existing 9-Grid™ research and vendor coverage.

New content strategy

A key goal has also been to extend the Fosway library of research, content and insight into HR, talent and learning across the UK and Europe. In line with this, one of the biggest changes though has been less visible – the introduction of a new content strategy and delivery engine following Kate Graham to head up content and communications in late 2015.

Since joining, Kate has been working hard on making this new content strategy a reality. We’ve made structural changes to the Fosway website and also integrated back-end systems to accelerate production of our research and point of view. The culmination of these efforts will result in Fosway sharing new data and insight much more frequently, as well as automated workflows for registered visitors to keep you up to speed with the very latest research. Whether you are building a business case for new projects and investments, or reviewing your internal strategy and solutions, there will be a regular flow of content to challenge and advise what you are doing, including:

• Monthly newsletters tailored to your interests, whether that’s Next Gen HR or Next Gen Learning, or a view for vendors and suppliers in the market
• Viewpoints on key transformational themes and our take on key market changes
• Reports providing deeper insight and analysis of our latest research
• Infographic summaries that give you an ‘at a glance’ overview new data

We will also be introducing new membership levels to access premium content and personalised corporate diagnostic tools.

Strategic themes for HR and Learning transformation

We have identified a number of key themes across HR and learning that we feel are impacting organisations the most in 2016. You can read more about these and our forward research agenda here. These strategic topics will all generate unique content, which will be further supported by our annual research cycle into the 9-Grids™ for example.

20 years of insight – what did we get right and wrong?!

Without wishing to reveal the collective grey hairs of the Fosway team, the company marks its 20th anniversary in August 2016. As part of the celebrations, we’ll be delving into the archive and looking back at how things have progressed (or not!) since 1996. Some trends have come and gone, others we are still talking about years and years later. We hope the content will provide some useful moments of reflection – things have certainly come a long way in twenty years, even though sometimes it might not always feel like it!

To view some of our new content, check out our latest research summary here.