Welcome to Fosway Group, the new home of Europe’s leading independent research, analysis and insight for next generation HR and learning. We have rebranded from Elearnity to become Fosway Group which is exciting in itself, but we are also delighted to announce our expansion with the launch of a new HR analyst practice. Our existing team remains in place whilst the new practice has an additional forward research agenda including key themes on HR transformation, human capital management, Cloud HCM, talent management and acquisition.

The new HR practice formalises Fosway’s broader view of the trends and underlying business drivers for change and transformation within organisations today. An extended library of research will be added to our existing 18+ years’ of insight and resources. The rebrand reflects the company’s new remit across the full spectrum of next generation HR, talent and learning, and consolidates our position as the #1 HR analyst in Europe.

As our CEO, David Wilson explains, ‘The launch of our new practice is recognition of the analyst work we have been doing in HCM and talent for a number of years. HR is undergoing a radical change, which is profoundly impacting its strategy, technology and processes. The lack of European-focused analysis and insight is a significant challenge for companies, and we intend to address this.’

Our story: “The Fosse Way”
The new Fosway brand demonstrates our commitment to our new, broader remit and is a natural evolution of our existing research and analysis with Europe’s leading companies. And there is an interesting story behind the name! The Romans famously built a network of roads across Europe that connected their empire, facilitated centuries of journeys and helped them achieve greatness. Many were literally carved into the earth and created routes that are still used today. One of these roads – the Fosse Way – cuts across hundreds of miles in England, very near our offices. It’s unusually direct. The Romans believed that the straight path was the best way…we agree.

We understand that developing and engaging people is how global organisations succeed today. Just as every employee’s talent journey is unique, so is every organisation’s people strategy. And like the Roman road, you’ll find that we’re unusually direct. We don’t have a vested interest in your technology or consulting choices. You can depend on us to tell you what you need to know to succeed.

Discover more about the new HR analyst practice here.