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Hunting for unicorns: What’s the reality of digital learning in Europe?

September 2017

Organisations are changing in terms of technology, demographics and culture. L&D itself is at a crossroads as it shifts away from formal training and a past often littered with failed or underwhelming systems. So, as we further embrace digital learning, how do you find the seemingly elusive digital solution that will help to truly transform L&D. This Learning and Skills Group webinar with Fosway’s director of research, David Perring, and LSG Chairman, Don Taylor, explores:

  • What do you need your learning systems to do tomorrow that they can’t do today?
  • Why L&D needs to hang onto to some of the status quo – don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!
  • The future of work and how that influences what L&D needs to do
  • The challenge of finding the right suppliers for you
  • How to assess the ‘magic sauce’ a.k.a the all-important user experience

Launch a recording of the webinar here or below. Please be advised that Adobe Connect requires a plug-in to play the recording.

Fosway Learning and Skills Group Webinar Digital Learning

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