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Digital Learning Market 2017: Getting Great Customer Service

Based on the results of the Digital Learning Realities 2017 research conducted by Fosway and Learning Technologies, we have created a series of datasheets to explore some of the key areas. Each contains an action plan for buyers with high level insights and advice from Fosway analysts. The second datasheet explores the sadly, underwhelming levels of customer service in the digital learning market. If you can’t find a supplier that delivers good service, then can you meet or exceed your digital learning goals at all?

How often do you get great customer service from your digital learning technology providers?

Fosway Digital Learning Realities 2017_Getting Great Customer Services_LMSFosway Digital Learning Realities 2017_Getting Great Customer Services_Learning Content

Buyer’s Action Plan

1. Provide clear feedback to suppliers when they don’t meet your expectations and work with them to plan new ways of working – not just at the end of a project – but on a continuous basis.

2. Understand what’s happening with the digital learning market by engaging with learning networks, communities and independent analysts. This will help what to expect from your chosen suppliers.

3. Participate in the ongoing Digital Learning Realities research to help bring market transparency around which providers are great to work with and how effective their solutions are.

4. Benchmark your providers against industry data.

5. Share your experiences of what works and what hasn’t with your peers, both inside and outside your organisation. Join the Learning and Skills Group community, attend the weekly webinars and share via the #LT17UK hashtag online, for example.

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The accompanying datasheets and full research reports can be found below:

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Download the full reports from the Digital Learning Realities 2017 research