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Rethinking succession and mobility for the 21st century workforce

October 2016

sumtotalsystems_logoRethinking succession and mobility for the 21st century workforce

In the past five years, there have been big changes in the workforce and the skills needed to thrive in a world of fast changing technology, increasing globalisation, zero hour contracts and offshoring. Millennials are now nearly 50% of the workforce, and pension economics and longevity means many Baby Boomers are now finding they need to stay working for longer than they planned for.

But if the workforce is changing, so must the way HR looks at mobility, succession and career planning. The old rules and assumptions of careers and succession are breaking down. Based on research with European companies, David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, explores the drivers for HR to change its approach to mobility, succession and workforce change.

This webinar with SumTotal Systems covered:

  • The impact of changing demographics
  • The implications for HR, Talent and L&D
  • How processes need to change to respond to these challenges in the UK/Europe
  • The role of technology

The slides from David’s session are now available, you can click below or in the DOWNLOAD NOW button for your copy of the slides. And you can listen to a full recording of the webinar here.


This theme was also discussed at a roundtable session exploring the Dawn of the Digital Generation which has been summarised by SumTotal Systems hier.

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