HR Critical Realities Research 2015-16

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This downloadable summary infographic highlights the headline results from our research with HRN. It quickly demonstrates the main challenges faced by HR professionals in Europe today. It is designed to be used alongside our series of reports that each tackle a different and specific theme from the research.

Fosway and HRN unashamedly take an international position and focus on European HR trends, challenges and realities. We hope you will find the entire series of reports useful. They are a complimentary resource – just register once and you will gain access to all of this research plus a wealth of other resources and content on our website.

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Report 1: The critical realities and challenges of HR and HR technology in Europe

With two years of data thanks to Fosway’s ongoing partnership with HRN, the realities of HR in Europe are becoming clearer. Whether it’s the top levers for success, the top HR priorities, Cloud HR or the drivers for changing HR systems – our data is telling some interesting stories.

When commentators and analysts talk about HR, the regional subtleties are often ignored. It is often viewed as a global business. But the reality for most European and international customers is that HR often feels very different from a one size fits all approach. It can be much more complex. However, understanding that complexity through data hasn’t been easy. Research on the priorities, needs and differences for European companies has been very thin on the ground. The HR research that does exist, frequently has a very US centred perspective.

This first report in our series takes you through the critical realities and challenges and what’s driving change in European HR today.

Report 2: The European HR systems landscape

In the second of Fosway’s new research reports, created in partnership with HRN, we explore the landscape of HR systems across Europe.

When the nature of HR operations across the continent is considered, it should come as no suprise that the HR systems landscape is more fragmented than ever. Most organisations do not have standardised HR systems, which creates a number of business challenges. How should European HR professionals bring together key areas like analytics for their company? This lack of standardisation is driving organisations to consolidate their HR platforms, but these transformations are far from a quick fix.

This second report in our series explores the key drivers for change in HR systems and the features and capabilities that are in high demand. From UX (user experience) and improved UIs (user interfaces), to analytics and increased business integration. This data demonstrates what organisations want as they take their HR solutions forward.

Fosway HRN Critical Realities Fragmented Landscape
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Report 3: European HR in the Cloud

One of the key trends highlighted in this research, is the growth of Cloud-based HR systems. Overwhelmingly, organisations across Europe are either already shifting their solutions to the Cloud, or are at least exploring their Cloud-based options.

The acceptance of HR technology moving to the Cloud might have come a long way, but there are still numerous challenges for both end user organisations and suppliers to contend with. Data privacy and security concerns, residual internal resistance, existing IT systems and infrastructure can all create issues that slow down or even prevent a move to the Cloud. Understanding the extent of these – and other – challenges is key if HR is to move forward and adopt the latest technology.

This third report in our series takes you through the main drivers and highlights the potential pitfalls of European HR moving to the Cloud.

Report 4: HR in Europe – Analytics

After two years and nearly 500 respondents in Fosway’s ongoing research with HRN, this series of reports shares invaluable insights into data that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

HR analytics is a hot topic. Much has been made of Big Data in general in the past few years, but the reality is that it’s ‘actionable insight’ that has the greatest potential to transform organisations. Nowhere does analytics have the potential to be more visible in the organisation than in HR. And not just visible, but also to have some of the biggest impact on how organisations operate. Over the next 10 years, analytics has the potential to transform HR’s role in every part of the employee life cycle.

The fourth report in our series examines the priorities driving HR’s interest in analytics, the potential impacts on the whole organisation including employees and managers, and the biggest challenges including data quality, HR expertise and skills in analytics and the ability of HR technology providers to meet increasingly high expectations in the this area.

Fosway HRN Critical Realities Analytics

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