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Digital Learning Market 2017: Exceeding Learners’ Expectations

Based on the results of the Digital Learning Realities 2017 research conducted by Fosway and Learning Technologies, we have created a series of datasheets to explore some of the key areas. Each contains an action plan for buyers with high level insights and advice from Fosway analysts. The first in the series looks at how L&D can start exceeding learners’ expectations when it comes to their learning solutions.

How often do digital learning technology providers exceed your learners’ expectations?

Fosway Digital Learning Realities 2017_Exceeding Learners Expectations_LMSFosway Digital Learning Realities 2017_Exceeding Learners Expectations_Learning Content

Buyer’s Action Plan

1. Work with your suppliers to ensure learners are treated more like consumers and customers. Profile your audiences to understand their drivers, constraints and their operating context to understand what learning adds the most value to them.

2. Involve learners as well as other stakeholders, in the solution design, selection and solution evaluation with your providers prior to implementation to truly understand their needs, likes and dislikes.

3. Create learning engagement strategies for each of your key learning audiences.

4. Create and manage a Learning Innovation Plan detailing innovation opportunities and priorities based on input from L&D, organisational leaders, learners and the IT Team. Plan how you will trial, evaluate and expand learning innovations.

5. Get an independent assessment and feedback of your digital learning approach to content, platforms and services.

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The accompanying datasheets and full research reports can be found below:

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Download the full reports from the Digital Learning Realities 2017 research