Delivering Next Gen Learning Engagement

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Delivering Next Gen Learning Engagement

June 2017

Why learning management systems need to evolve into learning engagement systems

As much as they have been pivotal in delivering learning transformation, learning management systems have also become a source of frustration and dissatisfaction for corporate learning. If LMS’s are to prosper in the future, they need to take on a new role, one that they have often failed to do in the past; the role of stimulating and managing learning engagement. This Core Insights paper explores how they can evolve to do just that.

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Showing the impact of learning, painlessly (almost)

Evaluation is the skeleton in the closet for most learning operations. What’s measured is rarely of any interest to stakeholders and what’s reported is frequently ignored by the people who do look at it. So, if the old approaches are failing comprehensively, what should we be doing instead and where should the future take us? [...]

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Is the future of L&D already here?

Three days isn’t really long enough to reflect on everything that I saw and heard at Learning Technologies 2017 last week, but whilst things are fresh in my mind I wanted to capture some immediate takeaways. The stand out session for me was from the keynote speaker on day one, Thimon de Jong. You can [...]

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