The Reskilling Revolution

The explosion of change in workplaces as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen employees embrace new ways of working. But what impact has this change had on skills?

Fosway Group set out to understand how well organisations identify, harness and develop the skills and potential of their people today.

This research explores:

• The impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on agendas for upskilling and reskilling
• What makes organisations’ approaches to skills successful
• Which HR technologies organisations are using to upskill, reskill and harness people’s potential
• The challenges of making skills work successfully across the employee experience
• How to make skills really work

The findings show that for many organisations the pandemic raised the importance of skills, accelerated the skills agenda and provided a focus on talent mobility. The skills agenda is being driven by organisations’ desire to increase performance, become more agile and improve the customer experience.

Download The Reskilling Revolution to understand how to make skills work in your organisation.

“Soft skills are becoming more important than hard skills. Collaboration, communication, goodwill and indulgence are now the kind of skills that we need to make things work fine and to achieve our goals, especially when working remotely”.

HR Manager