Driving growth and performance in 2023

L&D and HR professionals have their work cut out in 2023. Not only do they have to grapple with all the usual pressures around skills, talent shortages, employee engagement, business agility, productivity, performance, digitization, ESG, climate-impacted supply chains and so on. They also have to adapt to a recession economy.

Business outcomes, not the adoption of learning or HR processes, are what really matters more than ever in the year ahead. It is imperative that people teams align with organisational priorities as well as supporting their HR and learning agenda.

In his keynote presentation at Learning Technologies France2023, Fosway CEO David Wilson shared insights on how learning and HR teams can succeed in the coming year based on latest Fosway research.

The presentation explores:

Workforce disruptors
Strategies to future proof HR and learning
Building an effective learning strategy
The skills imperative
Why talent development needs a new approach

Fosway research shows that HR and learning teams will need to ensure they deliver value whilst at the same time transforming areas such as skills and talent development.

Download Driving growth and performance in 2023 to identify strategies for HR and learning success.


“Skills and talent continue to be a major headache for a lot of employers. The supply of available talent is not going to suddenly improve, so learning teams need to really hone in on what the business-critical skills are, where the skills gaps are and how to upskill and reskill the workforce to meet those business needs. It’s about aligning the needs of the business with the aspirations and career trajectory of individuals.”

David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group