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Article: What you told us

Article 5 Minute Read What You Told Us About The Future Of Learning Technology There is no shortage of people telling you what to think and what you should be doing, but very seldom do the buyers get a chance to offer their views, in any volume, about the learning [...]

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Article: The Power of Customer Satisfaction…

Article 5 Minute Read The Power of Customer Satisfaction…and the Importance of Research in the Learning Technology Market 81% of shoppers research online before buying, according to RetailingToday. They conduct research via search engines, compare prices, read reviews and product information. They also turn to independent evaluations such as Which? to support their decision making. Typically the pricier of the purchase, the more inclined we are to invest in understanding our choices. In the learning technology market there has however, not been enough independent research in Europe to illuminate buyers’ decisions. Who do customers believe provide them with the best customer service, business impact, innovation and consistently provide value for money? At Fosway Group we have been collating insights about the market for 20 years, tracking who works with whom, what they think of them, the total costs of ownership and assessing the impact/benefits from different providers and their solutions. We share these insights in our vendor profiling and Fosway 9-Grids™. But now we have strategically partnered with Europe’s leading workplace learning event, Learning Technologies, and its supporting community, the Learning and Skills Group. Our joint aim is to create a definitive market barometer which will give buyers like you transparency in a market that can be clouded in spin and opinion, but not a great deal of data. […]

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Knowledge Centre Welcome to the Fosway Knowledge Centre. Providing you with up to date information and viewpoints on HR and learning in Europe including news, reports, articles and opinions. Our unique Knowledge Centre has a wealth of information including thousands of filtered items of market news, and over 200 articles, white papers, and presentations [...]

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