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HR Critical Realities Part 1: The Challenges and Priorities 2016

January 2016

What are the realities, plans, trends and challenges of HR and HR technology in Europe

With two years of data thanks to Fosway’s ongoing partnership with HRN, the realities of HR in Europe are becoming clearer. Whether it’s the top levers for success, the top HR priorities, Cloud HR or the drivers for changing HR systems – our data is telling some interesting stories.

When commentators and analysts talk about HR, the regional subtleties are often ignored. It is often viewed as a global business. But the reality for most European and international customers is that HR often feels very different from a one size fits all approach. It can be much more complex. However, understanding that complexity through data hasn’t been easy. Research on the priorities, needs and differences for European companies has been very thin on the ground. The HR research that does exist, frequently has a very US centred perspective.

This first report in our series takes you through the critical realities and challenges and what’s driving change in European HR today.

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