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Digital Learning Market 2017: Delivering Positive Impact

Based on the results of the Digital Learning Realities 2017 research conducted by Fosway and Learning Technologies, we have created a series of datasheets to explore some of the key areas. Each contains an action plan for buyers with high level insights and advice from Fosway analysts. The fourth datasheet considers how L&D buyers should think more about delivering a positive impact with their digital learning, as the data from this year’s research shows it is still an underserved area in terms of how learning benefits broader organisational goals.

How often does your digital learning deliver a positive impact?

Fosway Digital Learning Realities 2017_Delivering Positive Impact_LMSFosway Digital Learning Realities 2017_Delivering Positive Impact_Learning Content

Buyer’s Action Plan

1. Set clear goals for how your learning solutions will impact key audiences in terms of a) employee advocacy, b) learning related results and c) wider organisational goals.

2. Create strong ties to HR and your organisation’s talent management processes. Ensure you outline a proactive strategy and the tactics that show how your learning infrastructure and learning ecosystem enable onboarding, talent development, performance management, career planning and enablement of talent succession. This is an obvious way of tying learning impact to broader business objectives.

3. Prioritise learning activities on the predictable drivers for training in your organisation including new systems, new starters, new products, new processes, organisation change and  audiences with tangible performance goals.

4. Organise an independent review of your learning approach and solutions to get a fresh perspective on where you can make the most dramatic improvements.

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The accompanying datasheets and full research reports can be found below:

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Download the full reports from the Digital Learning Realities 2017 research