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Sharing the secrets of the HR tech market

As well as this time of year being back to back conference season, it also sees a peak around Fosway’s HR research output. And we're delighted to share one of our key pieces of research – the 2017 Fosway 9-Grids™ for Cloud HCM and Integrated Talent Management with you, live for the first time today. [...]

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InfluenceHR 2017

10 minute read Presentation Total Cost of Ownership: Claiming the High Ground October 2017 At this annual vendor-focused event run by our friends at The Starr Conspiracy, CEO David Wilson talked TCO – or Total Cost of Ownership. The competitive market place for Cloud HCM solutions is driving massive investments from Enterprise leaders as well as innovative start ups. But in the quest for sales numbers, have we missed something critical; what do these systems really cost customers to run, and are there fundamental differences in the cost profiles between leading vendors? Catch up with David’s full presentation. […]

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HR’s failure to manage innovation should be a worry to us all

Of the 15 innovations we highlighted in our summer survey with HRN, the lack of awareness and ignorance of one of the potentially most transformative technologies should be a worry to us all. Block chain – the much hyped, but clearly the most mysterious of all the innovations for HR, is not on the radar [...]

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Taking a truly global view of HR, talent and learning

Autumn is always a busy time of year for HR analysts, and the team at Fosway have already embarked on a global tour of events that sees us take in half a dozen cities in as many weeks, from Boston to Singapore by way of Amsterdam and others. We are looking forward to hearing about [...]

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How Are HR Changes Meeting the Needs of the Modern Workforce

What are the needed HR changes as we continue on in a workplace that is continuously disrupted? As part of our preparations for HR Tech World in Amsterdam, this year’s HR Realities Survey looks at how HR organisations are responding to the challenges of the modern workforce in various ways. How are HR changes meeting [...]

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Transforming Talent in the Modern Workforce

10 Minute Read Presentation Transforming Talent in the Modern Workforce New joint research between Fosway Group, Skillsoft and SumTotal, reveals less than half of organisations are confident their approach is the right one for the changing modern workforce Changes in the world [...]

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Thoughts from HR Tech World London 2017

This week some of the Fosway team has been in attendance at HR Tech World in London. Peter, Marc and the team put on an energising event and our team activity was split across analyst meetings, product demos, talking to corporate visitors to the Fosway stand and going to conference sessions. Here are some of [...]

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HR Tech World London 2017

10 Minute Read Presentation HR Tech World London 2017 March 2017 Transforming The Customer Experience of HR Techology Adoption of Cloud HR solutions, together with the increasing importance of high-impact talent processes, HR analytics and artificial intelligence, might fool you into thinking that the world of HR technology is all rosy. But it isn’t. With 74% of customers believing their HR technology doesn’t show a positive impact, there is clearly room for significant improvement! Our CEO, David Wilson, discussed our latest European HR Realities research on customer experience with HR technology with some uncomfortable results. This research is conducted in partnrship with HRN, the organisers of HR Tech World. HR Tech World is recognized globally as the leading event on the future of work. Its growing community has influence over 40 million employees globally, no other community is having such a powerful impact on shaping the future of work through HR and technology. […]

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New research to reveal impact of BREXIT on recruitment, talent management and HR operations

Cross-European research into the impact of BREXIT on organisations from a HR perspective opens today. We've once again teamed up with HRN, the world’s largest corporate HR network to carry out this research, with the results to be revealed at HR Tech World Congress in London next month. With the impending enactment of Article 50 [...]

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HR Realities Research 2016 – 17

HR Realities Research 2016-17 Infographic This downloadable summary infographic highlights the 2016-17 headline results from our research with HRN. It quickly demonstrates the main challenges faced by HR professionals in Europe today. It is designed to be used alongside our series of reports that each tackle a different [...]

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