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With a rapidly changing workplace, workforce, supplier options and competition for talent, the world of HR is becoming increasingly challenging. Companies are under more pressure than ever to reinvent HR, talent and learning processes to be more agile, more digital and to deliver more value and more business impact. The pressure to invest in new solutions continues to grow, as does the cost and consequnces of those investments. Making sure you invest wisely, with the best chances of success is more critical than ever.

Are you grappling with:

  • Too much to get done and too little time or a lack of expertise to truly make the best decisions?
  • Too many stakeholders with too many conflicting priorities?
  • Too many vendor options and not enough real insight into what they actually do and what differentiates them?
  • Too many people with a vested interest in influencing your choices to suit their agenda?

That’s where we come in. As Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, we are completely independent and have unique corporate insight, vendor research and a proven methodology to help you make the right buying decisions faster.

Uniquely Independent

With over 20 years of providing independent analyst input to enterprise clients, Fosway has significant expertise in working with large multi-national organisations and helping them make the right buying decisions. As well as accessing the best existing European research and market insight, when you work with us you also have the security of knowing that we are completely independent and don’t have a vested interest in the outcome, other than ensuring it’s the best decision for your organisation and your people.

Why start your procurement process from scratch when we already have the research and insight to help you make better supplier decisions much faster?

Our Methodology

Referencing our Fosway 9-Grids™ is a great place to start when evaluating current suppliers or looking for new tools and technology. But what the 9-Grids™ are just the tip of the iceberg. As well as access to data behind the 9-Grid™, Fosway also has developed tools and a methodology to help companies make better HR buying decisions faster. Our unique 3 step model is proven to support key supplier decisions, regardless of your starting point. From ensuring stakeholder and strategy alignment, to validating your business case and framework to act, through to accelerating vendor engagement, selection and procurement.

Fosway 3 step methodology

Whether you start from Align & Initiate or Validate & Advance or are ready to go straight into Engage & Select, Fosway brings you the best research, the best vendor insight and the best tools to accelerate your decision making and success.

Our methodology aims to rapidly identify the scope, sophistication and flexibility you need as well as any differentiating functionality or requirements. This ability to differentiate between ‘business as usual’ and truly unique needs is important to properly understanding the right fit for your organisation. And in complex companies with many stakeholders and conflicting priorities, it is paramount.

Engaging with Fosway

Whether you are engaging with us through our accelerated decision model, or just looking for an independent sounding board to review your options, all buyer activities are contracted through our corporate engagement programme. This provides the flexibility and the security of having an expert critical friend on tap to support your key decisions when you most need it.

Talk to us today about engaging with Fosway to help you make better HR buying decisions faster!

  • Deep expertise of Next Gen HR, talent and learning in leading European and International companies, with over 22 years of research and insight
  • Unique Fosway 9-Grid™ vendor analysis supported by data and decision tools built from our latest independent corporate and vendor research
  • Complete objectivity, integrity and a lack of vested interest
  • A flexible working approach designed to accelerate decision making and client success
Fosway has supported us through every stage of our decision making, right from the initial gathering of our needs, through to the final selection of a solution and vendor that could meet these and importantly fit with our culture.

Their insight and understanding of the European corporate learning and the learning technology sector, combined with their independent guidance, really sets them apart.

Natalia Rud, Manager Learning Technologies at Toyota Motor Europe


What challenges are you currently experiencing? Do you need advice but are not sure where to start? Talk to us today. Tell us what you need to know in the contact form and a member of the Fosway team will be in touch to discuss further.

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