Fosway Vendor Programme

As part of our vendor services, we provide the Fosway Vendor Programme (FVP) which enables Fosway analysts to proactively engage with vendors on a regular basis to build insight into your capabilities and USPs.

At Fosway Group, we conduct core research on an ongoing basis regardless of any existing relationship, in the markets that we cover. This is done at zero cost and forms the basis of our key Vendor Reports and ensures we continuously increase our understanding and knowledge of the latest innovations, tools and technologies. If you supply tools and technology for Next Generation HR solutions, Talent and Learning, then we will look to review and understand what you do.

The Fosway Vendor Programme (FVP) meanwhile, enables us to proactively engage with vendors on a regular basis and plays an important role in our market profiling activities which we use when we publish the 9-Grid™ reports and Vendor Reports. FVP goes beyond our core research enabling us to proactively engage with vendors with greater frequency and depth as part of a structured programme. This enables our analysts to gain an even deeper understanding of suppliers’ capabilities and USPs, and also provide market support information that can be used in positioning and thought leadership strategies.


  • Annual analyst briefings including detailed information checks and face-to-face sessions
  • In-depth product briefings and data capture throughout the year
  • Ongoing customer feedback through the Corporate Research Network (CRN)
  • Targeted reference customer conversations
  • Quarterly update process to let us know how your solutions are progressing

Check your 9-Grid™ position

Fosway 9-Grid - Integrated Talent Management 2017

Access Additional Services:

  • Annual planning process for added value engagement
  • Preferential rates for additional analyst input and research including: Vendor Report debrief, Targeted analyst briefing sessions, Custom research, Whitepapers/Thought leadership creation, Event/webinar speaking and EMEA market and competitive briefing

Become part of the Vendor Reports process:

  • Detailed data check
  • Opportunity to comment on pre-release report
  • Access to reports for internal use
  • Rights to distribute Perspectives summaries
  • Option to distribute your Perspectives report (preferential rate)

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