PLASMA Learning Cycle Checklist

This checklist is based on Fosway’s PLASMA model and is designed to help you assess how engaging your current learning solutions are, and rate their ability to support the entire learning cycle. Read through it below, then download a copy to work through the checklist within your organisation.

Does your LMS engage learners when planning their learning? How well do they enable you to suppport learning campaign, to nudge, tease and stimulate learners to understand their learning needs? In a phased and cumulative campaign – not just as a formal development planning exercise?
  • Diagnostics / self assessment, 180 and 360 feedback using competency, capability profiles, process, task or context assessment and or psychometrics to clarify needs and motivate me to learn
  • Personal development plans to help guide me to what I should be developing/learning overall
  • Knowledge and skills assessments to create adaptive learning paths. Dynamically creating courses based on where I should be focusing learning within a programme
  • Are these automated with machine intelligence? Are these phased and ongoing based on individual preferences?
Does your LMS enable you to support engaging learning interventions? How well do they enable you to deliver truly engaging learning?
  • Learning is gamified using structural gamification techniques, not just in the learning content but for task based/on-the-job assessments?
  • Learning is multi-channel using digital and blended content, mixing a range of synchronous and asynchronous learning approaches?
  • Learning is searchable from your intranet enabling learners to go to page level content in any learning solutino? Without needing to login to an LMS?


Does your LMS enable you to support learners’ application of learning day to day? How well do they enable you to support earning back in the workplace?
  • Learning journals enable learners to reflect on how they applied their learning and think about how they would act differently next time?
  • On-the-job assignments coordinate Action Based Learning which can be shared with experts, peers or leaders to practically demonstrate how learners are applying knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours?
  • On-the-job expert observations/feedback using peer to peer reviews, mentors, external quality assessments, manager checklists to encourage on-the-job feedback from experts, peers, learning sets, coaches and mentors to share insights into how learners can improve
  • Team based quality circles an continuous improvement/Kaizen reviews


Does your LMS support learners by helping learners embed learning in their day-to-day routines? How well do they enable you to support the application of learning back in the workplace using the following:
  • Ongoing coaching – machine, community, coach and mentor – scheduling interactions, using automated follow-ups and sentiment questionnaires to judge/ encourage application
  • Stage gate video diaries – facilitating video diaries of how learning has been applied and what lessons have been learned from putting learning into practice
  • Peer-to-peer support – prompting and nudging peer-to-peer feedback and input into improvements using after action reviews
  • Training and mentoring others – manage learner’s training and mentoring of others to consolidate their understanding and experience of putting learning into practice
  • Assignments and feedback – support on-the-job assignments which capture how my learning makes a difference to how the business operates
  • Prompts sentiment analysis (confidence vs. competence polling to check your self-perception of your growing expertise)
  • Just-in-time support and performance support checklists, reference material, memory joggers – searchable from intranets which take you to page level information without logging into an LMS
  • Knowledge shoot outs – to enable learners to challenge others in their organisations to show how their knowledge compares to theirs


Does your LMS support learners in measuring and reflecting on their progress using diagnostics and feedback? How well do they enable you to support learners in sustaining learning in the workplace using the following:
  • Periodic assessment using short scenarios based and benchmark assessment to enable learners to verify behaviours
  • Task or competency assessment by self, 180 and 360 assessment from peers, managers and customers to confirm progress
  • Quality assessment feedback = close the loop from quality management processes to check learning success
  • Mystery shopper feedback – that feedbacks directly to learners learning plans and overlays their own self-assessment
  • Performance metrics and KPIs – close the loop from business KPIs to check learning success and highlight learning impact
  • Manager’s performance assessment – benchmark manager’s continous performance assessment
  • Accredited assessor checklists and contextual assessment to verify and accredit development of expertise and proficiency


Does your LMS support learners’ analysis of their development within a programme using diagnostics review and evaluation tools? How well do they enable you to support learners in sustaining learning in the workplace using the following:
  • Automated recommendation for ongoing learning support from online tests, quizzes and/or questionnaires suggesting most appropriate next steps or machine intelligence recommendations – people who excelled at the next level have done
  • Professional review – expert feedback and reflection on next developmental goals from professional peers and mentors
  • Coaching review – coach feedback and reflection on developmental targets and goals from personal coach
  • Manager review – manager feedback and reflection on next performance goals

All in preparation for the next development planning stage


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