HR Realities Research 2022

Plus de 500 professionnels de la formation de haut niveau issus d’entreprises de toute l’Europe ont été interrogés entre janvier et octobre 2022. Ils ont donné leur avis sur la manière dont l’apprentissage évolue à mesure que les organisations se rétablissent de la pandémie de COVID-19.

With 95% of respondents seeing the availability of talent as their most significant business challenge, the research shows that HR priorities have realigned to address skills shortages. This year, reskilling and upskilling, employee retention, and facilitating digital transformation have surged up HR’s strategic priority list compared to 2021.

It’s very fashionable in HR to use the ‘experience’ label, but what does it mean really? This research shows creating a great employee experience remains a huge challenge for employers because it is so much more than simply creating a great user experience for HR systems. That is important but so are all the other human factors that drive the experience

David Wilson, PDG, Fosway Group


Skills really are the number one game in town, according to this year’s HR Realities Research. Not only are they key to solving the shortage of available talent, they are also critical for the employee experience. HR teams also see skills development as the number one initiative to help futureproof the organisation. But are HR solutions able to live up to expectations of a modern employee experience?
David Perring, Director of Research, Fosway Group

HR says talent shortages are the most significant business challenge

In this webinar we explore some of the latest HR strategy and solution trends from our 2022 HR Realities research and reflect on what successful HR teams are doing to accelerate and transform their people experience and help organisations thrive.

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