Learning Technologies 2016 logoNow in its second year, the Digital Learning Realities research is brought to you by Fosway Group and Learning Technologies – and its supporting community – The Learning and Skills Group. The goal is to provide the definitive research on the digital learning market in Europe. This year, we gathered data from Europe’s largest cross section of digital learning customers and suppliers to create a much needed independent barometer of the digital learning market. Over 1100 L&D professionals took part in the 2017 research, providing some fascinating insights and results which you can read in the report below.

Fosway Digital Learning European Realities Survey 2017

Report 1: Digital Learning – Organisation, Headcount, Budget and Investement Trends 2017

Independent research into digital learning in Europe is hard to come by. Our goal is to help learning professionals make more informed decisions about digital learning by providing the facts that help you understand how L&D is organised, what solutions people are using in practice, what makes a difference and where organisations are focusing on innovating in the future.

But it’s not just about the solutions trends. We believe it’s important to cast a light onto practical experiences. And most importantly, it’s also about the realities of learning operations and how they are changing in investment and a more digitally-led approach.

The first report in this year’s series focuses on:

  • L&D organisation and headcount
  • Digital learning budgets
  • Investment trends for the year ahead
  • How does your organisation compare?

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