Plus+ Analyst Services

In addition to our core research and the Fosway Vendor Programme (FVP), we also provide private analysis and insight for leading HR, talent and learning technology vendors. This is done through our Plus+ Analyst programme.

Vendors and suppliers frequently require private analyst services which Fosway provides through our Plus+ programme. This approach enables you as a vendor to commission custom advisory projects, conducted confidentially, around a specific scope of work or topic that is important to your product development or your overall business strategy and growth. It might be a review of your market position and competitor analysis, or it could be bespoke research or feedback on your roadmap.

Fosway’s Plus+ analyst services are conducted through a variety of means to ensure an independent and encompassing view. These include one-to-one interviews, surveys, polls and our own existing market insights combined with an objective reflection of your products, markets and strategy. This leverages our unique UK and EMEA-centric insights to benefit your future development and growth.


Externally focused thought leadership

  • Speaking at user events, seminars, webinars and expert panels
  • Expert content in articles, reports, research papers, presentations, mind maps, Twitter streams and social media coverage, video/podcasts and more
  • Fosway roundtables and client sessions
  • Fosway research and distribution
  • Custom research and paper distribution

Private analyst input and internal enablement

  • Sales force enablement
  • Competitive positioning
  • Positioning/Messaging validation
  • Solution strategy/Roadmap
  • Business strategy/Options/Critique
  • Market performance feedback
  • Competitive analysis and recommendations
  • Due diligence research
  • Costs are dependent on the scale and duration of the engagement. However, they are offered at preferential rates to Enhanced Vendor Programme (EVP) members

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