Research Services

Fosway’s research is a continuous exploration of leading organisations that enables us to understand their intricacies and complexities in competing successfully on a global scale.

Fosway’s research services include gathering the perspectives from leading organisations across Europe.  Corporate HR and learning practitioners work closely with us to contribute both qualitative and quantitative insights into the latest trends and the underlying business drivers behind HR processes, technologies and strategies.

As an analyst, Fosway is different to the plethora of consultants available today. Our insights and advice are based not just on our experience but the realities of implementing best practice strategy and technology in organisations today. We analyse and apply this research to your unique context to support you with advice that is unusually direct.


Fosway Group’s exclusive Corporate Research Network (CRN) gives HR and learning practitioners unique access to insights, research and – most importantly – an unparalleled peer group that stretches across the globe. Members receive priority access to the latest research as well as the opportunity to shape the agenda and provide valuable input that can benefit the whole market.

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Whilst conferences and presentations have their place, we have found that one of the best approaches to developing deeper insight into corporate trends and experiences is through facilitated private roundtable discussions with a small group of 8-10 corporate experts. You could become part of these intimate events, contributing to our research and expanding your network at the same time.

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Our successful track-record of providing impactful, independent research to Europe’s leading corporate organisations is without parallel. The ongoing research we do give us a unique insight into what is happening on the coal face within organisations and the truth about the performance of suppliers, their solutions and their impact. Whilst you can tap into our research at any time as a member of our Corporate Research Network, we can also provide you with custom research and analysis to support your strategies and approach. Research can be focused according to your area of interest, from market insights to new technologies and innovation.

We build your understanding and your peer network. As our research is continuously reviewed and updated, we are always producing new insights and applying that through a rich stream of content including reports and roundtable events.

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