Being Digital: Transforming Your Learning Organisation Through Learning Technologies

Evaluation Fosway CEO, David Wilson, and Director of Research, David Perring, explored this topical subject in an interactive roundtable session at the Learning Technologies 2017 conference.

Showing the impact of learning, painlessly (almost)

Evaluation is the skeleton in the closet for most learning operations. What’s measured is rarely of any interest to stakeholders and what’s reported is frequently ignored by the people who do look at it. So, [...]

Fosway 20: The Next 20 Years of HR, Talent and Learning

As part of Fosway's twentieth anniversary, we are reflecting on the last 20 years in HR, talent and learning, but we have never been about just looking back. Here, CEO David Wilson takes the opportunity [...]

Fosway 20: How HR Has Evolved

Fosway has been researching and tracking HR and HR technology since its inception in 1996. Here, as part of the Group's twentieth anniversary, CEO David Wilson considers what's changed and how HR is continuing to [...]

Fosway 20: How Learning Has Changed

As part of Fosway Group's twentieth anniversary, CEO David Wilson reflects on how learning and development has changed in organisations since the company was founded in 1996. From OHP's and an almost exclusive focus on [...]

Fosway 20 Introduction

Since Fosway Group was founded in 1996, a valuable library of research, insight and analysis has built up, containing some invaluable content and reference material. Our twentieth anniversary is a unique opportunity to open the [...]

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