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We understand the impact that developing and engaging your people has on your organisation’s performance.

Our Story

The Fosse Way.

The Romans built a network of roads across Europe that connected their empire, facilitated centuries of journeys and helped them achieve greatness. The impact of these roads made a deep impression. Many were literally carved into the earth and created routes that are still used today. One of these roads – the Fosse Way – cuts across hundreds of miles in England. It’s unusually direct. The Romans believed that the straight path was always the best way.

We agree.

Fosway Group

Fosway Group is Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst focused on Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning. Founded in 1996, we are known for our unique European research, our independence and our integrity.

For over 20 years, we have been analysing the realities of the market, and providing insights on the future of HR, Talent and Learning. Fosway analysts work extensively with our corporate clients to understand the inside story of the challenges they are facing, and their real experiences with next gen strategies, systems and suppliers. Our independent vendor analysis also provides a vital resource when making decisions on innovation and technology.

And just like the Roman road we draw our name from, you’ll find that we’re unusually direct. We don’t have a vested interest in your supplier or consulting choices. So, whether you’re looking for independent research, specific advice or a critical friend to cut through the market hype, we can tell you what you need to know to succeed.

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When there are so many different paths and so much conflicting advice available, how do you make the best corporate decisions and plan your Next Generation HR, Talent and Learning stategies?  You need to get a wider view and deeper insight than just speaking to suppliers. Fosway uniquely provides you with expert, independent advice that supports your key decisions, develop your strategy or accelerate your adoption of best practice.

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Fosway Group works with Europe’s leading enterprises across every sector. We provide advisory and research support to organisations including BP, HSBC, Sanofi, PwC, Shell, RBS, Vodafone and many more. Our analysts work in partnership with clients to ensure we deliver the insights your organisation needs to get results and eliminate risk. 

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What have you got planned this coming year? Digital or HR transformation? Tackling your employee experience and engagement? Reinventing your key strategies and adopting Next Gen HR, Talent or Learning? New projects for recruiting, talent management or performance? Or rationalisation and review of your existing providers? Whatever your strategy, as Europe’s #1 HR analyst, we can help you de-risk your decision-making you accelerate your thinking and strategy.

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Whilst understanding and influencing corporate thinking will always be our core focus, we also believe we better serve our clients by positively influencing the suppliers too. To support this, we have created structured research programmes and added value services, specifically targeted at the vendor community. We aim to build strong, two-way relationships with providers of Next Generation HR, Talent and Learning solutions.

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