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Transforming Talent in the Modern Workforce

New joint research between Fosway Group, Skillsoft and SumTotal, reveals less than half of organisations are confident their approach is the right one for the changing modern workforce

Changes in the world of work, evolving employee expectations and advances in technology are creating a perfect storm that is transforming today’s workplace. Pitched against a backdrop of growing skills gaps, the pressure on organisations to rethink their talent approach – and systems – is intense. If you feel your HR, talent and learning efforts are behind the curve when it comes to dealing with these challenges then you’re not alone. This research shows that only 44% of professionals feel their talent management strategy is ‘ready’.

After 20 years of analysing HR, talent and learning data, it’s been fascinating to take a deeper look at the macro environment and the key factors affecting organisations today. Most of which are completely outside our control. But which if they aren’t acknowledged and adapted to, will leave organisations without the people and the skills needed to take them forward.

There are so many buzz words swirling around our industry at the moment, gig economy, millennials, skills shortages, war for talent…the list goes on. But behind the hype are some stark realities for HR, talent and learning professionals and how we need to respond positively to really engage with the workers of today – and tomorrow.

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