Video: Don’t believe the hype – Learning Technologies 2020

Look around and you will be bombarded by messages from suppliers about their latest and greatest solutions. Some of these are gamechangers. Many serve the business as usual. Others might not be worth your time. So much depends on your unique context and goals that coupled with all the hype, it can be a challenge [...]

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Video: David Wilson on the agility and transformation of learning

It seems like everyone is talking about digital transformation at the moment. But what does it mean to truly transform what L&D does in your organisation? Just turning existing content and resources into digital assets is not enough. As part of the Learning News Learning Leaders series, Fosway CEO David Wilson shares the latest data [...]

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Video: David Perring and Fiona Leteney on the digital transformation of learning

With 70% of organisations already underway with their digital transformation of learning, now is a good time to look at how L&D is doing on this journey. Our director of research, David Perring, and senior analyst, Fiona Leteney, discuss the talking points from their fully booked session at the 2018 Learning Technologies Summer Forum with [...]

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Metrics, metrics, metrics! Measuring digital learning in your company

Not measuring and not reporting your value add/ business contribution is going to damn your learning organisation to ever decreasing budgets. So what can you do asks our director of research, David Perring? The more radical side of me would suggest relegating your learning evaluation programmes to the background and start implementing learning impact programmes [...]

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Being Digital: Transforming Your Learning Organisation Through Learning Technologies

Evaluation Fosway CEO, David Wilson, and Director of Research, David Perring, explored this topical subject in an interactive roundtable session at the Learning Technologies 2017 conference.

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PLASMA Learning Cycle Overview

Micro learning, resources not courses, campaign learning, user generated content…these are all trends in learning at the moment, but how do you put all the pieces of next gen learning together to create coherent and engaging learning experiences? To do this successfully demands a change in the way L&D implements and uses learning technology. Employee [...]

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PLASMA Learning Cycle

PLASMA Learning Cycle Next gen learning and the shift to digital demands a change in the way L&D implements and uses learning technology. Employee engagement has become an increasingly important focus for organisations. In fact, our current research tells us it is the leading measure of success for HR strategy today. Within [...]

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Showing the impact of learning, painlessly (almost)

Evaluation is the skeleton in the closet for most learning operations. What’s measured is rarely of any interest to stakeholders and what’s reported is frequently ignored by the people who do look at it. So, if the old approaches are failing comprehensively, what should we be doing instead and where should the future take us? [...]

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Artikel: Delivering at every stage of the learning cycle

Article 5 Minute Read Delivering At Every Stage Of The Learning Cycle Recent Fosway research conducted with 500 senior HR professionals across Europe found that employee engagement remains the leading measure of HR strategy today. This is the third year in a row it has ranked as the most critical [...]

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PLASMA Learning Cycle Checklist

Checklist PLASMA Learning Cycle Checklist This checklist is based on Fosway's PLASMA model and is designed to help you assess how engaging your current learning solutions are, and rate their ability to support the entire learning cycle. Read through it below, then download a copy to work through [...]

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