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Fosway 20

Fosway 20 When Fosway Group celebrated its twentieth anniversary, we curated a collection of research and analysis into HR, Talent and Learning since 1996 from the Fosway archives. It contains the most useful and practical insights from the last 20 years - and much of it remains very much relevant today. Since Fosway [...]

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Aktuelle Studien

Latest Research Welcome to Fosway's latest research summary, designed to give you quick access to our most recent content. Here you will find the most up to date information on HR, talent and learning in Europe including viewpoints, reports, articles, infographics and opinions from Fosway analysts based on our latest research. TAKE PART NOW: [...]

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HR: The Critical Realities Research – Released

After the second year of the HRN and Fosway Group independent survey with over 400 responses, the realities of HR in Europe are becoming much clearer. Whether it’s the top levers for success, the top HR priorities, the drivers behind Cloud HR or changing HR systems – our data is telling some interesting stories. We’ve [...]

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HR: Critical Realities Research 2015-16

HR Critical Realities Research 2015-16 Infographic This downloadable summary infographic highlights the headline results from our research with HRN. It quickly demonstrates the main challenges faced by HR professionals in Europe today. It is designed to be used alongside our series of reports that each tackle a different and [...]

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Talent Management The Fosway Group 9-Grid™ report for Talent Management is a multi-dimensional model that can be used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in the UK/European talent management systems market. It allows you to compare different solutions based on their Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership and Future [...]

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Next Generation HR Welcome to Fosway Group's HR analyst practice. We have been analysing the HCM and talent markets for a number of years now. The lack of European-focused analysis and insight has been a significant challenge for companies, and here, we address that. NEW RESEARCH: WHAT'S YOUR HR REALITY IN 2020? [...]

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