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Core Insights

SaaS Impact on Talent and Learning Systems

April 2009

Why SaaS is the critical deployment option for enterprise organisations

How are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-demand applications shaping the market in learning and talent systems? What will their impact be longer term? What are the barriers for SaaS in Enterprise customers? What are the key questions to ask potential suppliers?

This Core Insights paper explores how SaaS became the major force in the business applications market, impacting new and existing providers alike, and increasingly dominating corporate decisions on a range of business application decisions from accounting and customer relationship management through to video conferencing.  The learning and talent systems market has been no exception to the above trend, but how significant is SaaS in this specific market, and what are the implications for both suppliers and customers?

As Europe’s #1 HR and learning analyst, Fosway Group has been tracking the learning and talent systems market for many years. Here we examine the significant shift in the attitude of corporate decision makers towards adopting SaaS/Cloud solutions to their learning and talent management needs.

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