As we move beyond the old notion of ‘e-learning’ and are now more likely to talk about digital learning instead, it’s important to get beyond the hype surrounding the next generation of learning technology and uncover what is working for organisations in practice. I’m delighted that the second annual Digital Learning: European Realities research opens today, led by Fosway Group in partnership with Learning Technologies – and its supporting community, The Learning and Skills Group.

The research has launched as part of the build up to Learning Technologies 2017, with the initial results to be unveiled at the event in London on 1-2 February next year. Over 1000 L&D professionals took part in the research last year, making it the largest digital learning survey in Europe.

The results will provide both L&D professionals and suppliers with comprehensive insights on what digital technologies are being used in learning, and how, why and where in the workplace they are being applied. Uniquely, the research will also deliver data on the digital learning market itself, including trends, supplier innovation and customer satisfaction.

There is often a lot of hype around new technology being touted as the next big thing in learning. But the truth is that what organisations are using or plan to use, can be far removed from the gloss of the latest new fad. As organisations focus on digital transformation and the industry looks towards the future of digital learning, it’s important to understand what’s real and how the market is really evolving.

Fosway’s research covers both the customer and vendor sides of the digital learning market, which means our analysts often uncover the hidden realities of technology that’s really being used in organisations, what’s working well– and what’s not. The aim of this research is to look at the innovation that’s being adopted in practice, get to the heart of what’s successful now, and understand how the market will develop over the next 12 months.

To take part in the research, complete the survey here. Findings will be shared directly with everyone who takes part, once they are unveiled at the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition in London on 1 and 2 February 2017, with deep dive insights and updates shared throughout next year. Thanks in advance for your contribution!