Fosway’s ongoing HR Realities research is now in its seventh year. The headline results of the 2019-20 HR Realities research, first announced at the UNLEASH World Conference & Expo in Paris are showcased below, further extending our existing body of research.

With input from 200+ senior HR leaders, from predominantly enterprise organisations across Europe, the research highlights the changing face of HR today, and looks ahead to the landscape of tomorrow. This research highlights HR’s increasingly strategic role within organisations and how they can best leverage and apply the available technology by:

  • Understanding better the overall business challenges
  • Being aware of skills gaps, hiring issues and employee development and retention
  • Using high quality data analytics more effectively
  • Preparing for a digital ready culture
“What is fascinating about the reality of HR today is the cumulative impact of change; the ongoing war for talent, the challenge of creating strong people experiences, the pure speed of technology development…all of these forces are converging and piling the pressure on HR. There is also no doubt now that AI will be a huge part of whether or not HR is fit for the future. 95% of respondents see AI as impacting their strategy and 45% believe it will be ‘truly significant’ in less than 2 years. But as well as offering new answers, the advent of the AI era will further magnify stresses on HR, maybe to breaking point.

This year’s data highlights the need for a new and more agile approach. Conservative HR strategies simply aren’t going to cut it going forwards, because by the time the ink is dry, things will have moved on. Increasing business agility is now the #2 business driver for 86% of HR professionals, second only to increasing performance and profitability. The days of software deployments taking 18+ months are rapidly becoming a distant memory. Moving at the pace of the business, particularly where HR technology is concerned, is now a must.

David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group


To launch the 2019-20 research results, Fosway delivered a packed presentation at UNLEASH World Conference in Paris. Our CEO, David Wilson took people through Agile, AI, Analytics and more…because the hype surrounding the future of HR technology keeps coming. But how can you truly transform your HR operation and ensure your organisation and your people are fit for the future of work? Download the presentation to find out more.


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