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This downloadable summary infographic highlights the 2016-17 headline results from our research with HRN. It quickly demonstrates the main challenges faced by HR professionals in Europe today. It is designed to be used alongside our series of reports that each tackle a different and specific theme from the research.

HR in Europe doesn’t conform to a single set of challenges with a simple single set of answers, it is much more complex. However, understanding this complexity through real data hasn’t been easy. Research on the priorities, needs and differences for European companies has been very thin on the ground.

The HR research that exists frequently has a very US centred perspective, and therefore limited value to European decision makers. This independent research from Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR analyst, conducted in association with HRN, looks to redress the balance.

Fosway and HRN unashamedly take an international position and focus on European HR trends, challenges and realities. These reports are a complimentary resource and we hope you will find the entire series of reports useful.

HR realities research infographic
HR Realities in Europe: Challenges and Priorities

Report 1: Challenges and Priorities

HR is undergoing massive change – from its demographics through to its technology, and big changes in the people agenda. But with all the talk of transforming HR, we need to understand the realities for HR leaders in Europe, as well as the global market trends and technology possibilities.

Now in its fourth year, Fosway’s ongoing partnership with HRN is generating some fascinating data on the key drivers for change and levers for success for HR in Europe. This first report in the series explores the main challenges and priorities facing HR professionals across Europe today, including:

  • Business agility
  • HR operating models
  • Top measures of HR success
  • HR technology and analytics
  • Changing HR investment

Our analysts take you through the critical challenges and priorities around what’s driving change in European HR today. Stay tuned for the other reports in the series coming soon.

Report 2: HR Systems Today and Tomorrow

The HR systems landscape in Europe has never been (and will never be) straightforward. From very different, fragmented operating models and HR strategies impacting technology decisions and adoption, to the silo’ed nature of HR technology architecture across different disciplines e.g. core HR, talent acquisition, performance management, payroll etc. There are many factors in play.

This second report in the series analyses the current landscape and looks to the drivers behind the changing face of HR technology, with some surprising insights that don’t involve cost, including:

  • Quality of end user experience
  • The need for enhanced analytics
  • A lack of business agility and flexibility
  • The functionality of current solutions
  • Low levels of innovation

Here, our analysts take you through the critical components of the HR technology landscape in Europe. Then in the third and final report in the series, the research explores the customer experience of HR technology. This report is coming soon.

HR Realities in Europe: HR Systems Today and Tomorrow
Fosway HR Realities in Europe:The Customer Experience of HR Technology

Report 3: The Customer Experience of HR Technology

User experience (UX) is a hot topic when it comes to HR technology. But there is a bigger picture that has been ignored for too long. Customer success is a buzz word amongst suppliers of HR technology, but the stark and rather unpalatable truth is that the customer experience is lacking across the board.

The third and final report in this series takes tough look at the state of the customer experience in HR technology, with some eye-opening results. We asked some of the world’s leading organisations on how well HR suppliers:

  • Understand your needs
  • Exceed user expectations
  • Deliver great service
  • Innovate their offering
  • Deliver value for money
  • Achieve a positive impact

The results shared in this paper represent a wake-up call for providers and buyers alike! And for those interested, this year’s research opens soon with the results gathered from across Europe. The first glimpse of the data will be headlined at HR Tech World in Amsterdam. If you would like to take part and have your say on the realities of HR today, email [email protected].

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