Cross-European research into the impact of BREXIT on organisations from a HR perspective opens today. We’ve once again teamed up with HRN, the world’s largest corporate HR network to carry out this research, with the results to be revealed at HR Tech World Congress in London next month.

With the impending enactment of Article 50 by the UK government, we are keen to help HR professionals understand what impact HR is seeing from BREXIT on organisations today – both across Europe and Worldwide. It’s been subject to a lot of debate and opinion with no real hard facts on how it is really affecting important areas of investment and future direction including recruitment, succession planning and even organisations’ physical locations.

Peter Russell, Director of HRN, comments, ‘BREXIT cannot be the elephant in the room for European HR. It is an important topic we are addressing at this year’s London event in a number of topical sessions. So, we are looking forward to revealing the realities faced by HR professionals at the moment, and how BREXIT is going to ultimately shape their strategy over the coming 12 months and beyond.’

Hundreds of leading organisations already contribute to joint research from Fosway and HRN into HR technology and its impact on the future of work.

The BREXIT research is now open here with all respondents immediately eligible for priority access to the results next month.