At this year’s Learning Technologies Summer Forum, our director of research, David Perring, led a session on learning systems. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the new kids on the block like NGLEs (Next Gen Learning Environments) and LXPs (Learning Experience Platforms) whilst the traditional LMSs (Learning Management Systems) continue to evolve. The session aimed to get people thinking beyond just features and functions, or even the technology itself, and start considering what learning experiences they want to create for their individual audience, in their unique context. You can download the slides from the session here and tap into the updates on Twitter via #LTSF19 #T1S2. And look out for more on this topic coming soon because we are being asked about which platforms organisations should be investing in every day.

David Perring Fosway Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2019

Also discussed at the event was the research we conduct in partnership with Learning Technologies; the Digital Learning Realities research headlines can be found here.

And David James (not one of our Davids!) in his session on learning strategy referenced the work that Sky has done to ‘rip up the rule book’ of people development and introduce a much more agile approach to their learning. You can read the full story here.

The Fosway team was also on hand to discuss our 9-Grids for both Learning Systems and Digital Learning which are available to download now. You won’t find insights on the European learning market like this anywhere else and we recommend reading the full reports on the market and solution trends, which tell some of the story behind the analysis.

It was great to get out and have so many conversations about next gen learning. There are some hugely positive initiatives and projects happening out there and we’re always keen to hear about what you’re working on. If you’d like to share your story or get input from our analysts about what we’re doing, just drop us a line.