Core Research

Fosway’s zero cost programme of vendor briefings and other analyst activity that introduces new suppliers and provides the foundation of the strong, two-way relationships that ensures our understanding and knowledge of the latest innovations, tools and technologies.

Fosway’s primary focus will always be understanding and influencing corporate thinking, but we also believe we better serve our clients by positively influencing the suppliers too. To support this, we have created structured research programmes and added value services, specifically targeted at the vendor community.

Our vendor programmes enable us to build strong, two-way relationships with providers of next generation HR, learning and talent solutions. The Core Research is our introductory level that opens up the briefing process and your access to our research reports, and is also the foundation for engaging with our other analyst services listed below.


  • Annual factual data capture
  • Annual phone interview
  • News submissions
  • Ongoing customer feedback
  • Ongoing monitoring and tracking of roadmap
  • Data check of 9-Grid™ analysis


  • Input and services available to purchase at full commercial rates, including:
  • Targeted analyst feedback
  • Custom research
  • White paper content
  • Thought leadership advice and content
  • Event/webinar speaking
  • Competitor briefings






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