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Webinar: Maximising the business impact of learning

50 Minute Listen Webinar Maximising the business impact of learning October 2016 Moving beyond evaluation and embracing impact as a central ethos for L&D With all the change and new technology options in learning and development, it is sometimes easy to [...]

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Learning for Talent

10 Minute Read Learning for Talent June 2013 The journey Read any business magazine or report on competing and winning in business today and somewhere near the beginning they will bring up the issue of talent or talent management. Whilst talent management is a topic that the HR industry has focused on for some time, it is becoming a topic of the boardroom. CEOs and the executive leadership in major companies now routinely talk about the ‘war for talent’, and about the need to find and retain the best people. Talent management is getting a lot of attention. But this Viewpoint paper is not a case for talent management per se. In many ways, we are taking that as a given. What this paper is about is the central role that learning and development plays within talent management, and how important it is to effectively integrate learning and development across our talent processes. Effective talent management is about more than measurement and management; it is also about action, i.e. strategies for improving performance and developing talent. Learning and development is not just one of the segments of the talent lifecycle, it is a fundamental enabler of many of the other segments. Learning and development is the engine room of an integrated talent strategy. But first, we should ask who, or what, is ‘talent’? […]

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Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre Welcome to the Fosway Knowledge Centre. Providing you with up to date information and viewpoints on HR and learning in Europe including news, reports, articles and opinions. Our unique Knowledge Centre has a wealth of information including thousands of filtered items of market news, and over 200 articles, white papers, and presentations [...]

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