Article: What’s learning’s role and why L&D need to fight their corner

Article 10 Minute Read Talent Management: What’s learning’s role and why L&D need to fight their corner. If you read any business magazine or report on competing and winning in business today – somewhere near the beginning they will bring up the issue of talent or talent management. Whilst talent management is a topic that the HR industry has focused on for some time, it is also becoming a topic of the boardroom. CEOs and the executive leadership in major companies now routinely talk about the ‘war for talent’, and about the need to find and retain the best people. But seldom do we see many learning and development departments taking a leading role. L&D is all too often seen as just another segment in the overall talent lifecycle. The problem is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Far from being a side show in the talent cycle, or just another segment, learning and development is the bed-rock, not only of many of the other talent management processes, but also for generating positive talent momentum. In many ways, learning and development is the ‘Engine Room’ of an integrated talent strategy. […]