Fosway Learning Symposium 2018: Reflections and Round-up

Article 5 Minute Read Fosway Learning Symposium 2018: Reflections and Round-up Digital is certainly the watchword of the day in 2018. But what does it really mean for L&D? This year’s annual Fosway Learning Symposium brought together heads of learning from FTSE 100 and other global organisations to explore the [...]

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Digital Learning Transformation

DIGITAL LEARNING TRANSFORMATION RESOURCES Our Digital Learning Realities research highlights that over 70% organisations are going through a massive shift in how they think about learning in their organisations. Where is your organisation on its journey with digital transformation? And are you headed in the right direction? Our digital transformation resources are designed [...]

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Article: The Truth About Digital Learning

5 Minute Read Article The Truth About Digital Learning How does your experience of digital learning compare with others? Which technologies are really working in L&D and which are just hype or wishful thinking? In this age of ‘fake news’ David Wilson, CEO of Europe’s #1 HR and [...]

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This year we decided to defer our 9-Grid™ analysis of the Learning Authoring Systems market, but why?

There are a few reasons for deferring our 9-Grid™ analysis of the Learning Authoring Systems market which usually launches in at the beginning of the year. We've had a number of questions about it and some of these reasons are positive about the market, and some less so. But our goal is to raise the [...]

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Opt-in Test We are emailing you because you are one of our valued contacts but due to a change in the law we need your consent to stay in touch. Currently you have a free membership of our Corporate Research Network (CRN) which entitles you to download reports from our site, receive [...]

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Digital Learning Realities

LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES 2018 Now in its third year, the Digital Learning Realities research is brought to you by Fosway Group and Learning Technologies – and its supporting community of over 10,000 L&D professionals worldwide – The Learning and Skills Group. The goal is to provide the definitive research on the digital learning market. This [...]

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Learning Technologies Asia 2017

10 minute read Presentation Transforming Learning Management into Learning Experiences November 2017 The inaugural Learning Technologies Asia, held in Singapore, saw CEO David Wilson address an audience from across the Asia-Pacific region. He explored how organisations are changing in terms of technology, demographics and culture. And the fact that L&D itself is at a crossroads as it shifts away from formal training and a past often littered with failed or underwhelming systems. So, as we embrace digital learning, we need to understand what’s required to transform the next generation of learning, including: What do you need your learning systems to do tomorrow that they can’t do today? Why the user experience is business critical The impact of AI, bots, xAPI and other next gen technology Guidance on next gen learning strategy Key factors to consider when selecting new solutions and suppliers Download a full copy of David’s presentation now. And catch up on the highlights of the session via @fosway. […]

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Maximising the Business Impact of Learning

15 Minute Read

Maximising the Business Impact of Learning

September 2017

Moving beyond evaluation and embracing impact as a central ethos for L&D

With all the change and new technology options available in learning and development, it is sometimes easy to focus only on the 'what' and the 'how' but not on the 'why'. Learning should be a strategic investment that drives business performance and builds business capability. But how do you measure the impact it really has, or go about truly maximising that impact?

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Metrics, metrics, metrics! Measuring digital learning in your company

Not measuring and not reporting your value add/ business contribution is going to damn your learning organisation to ever decreasing budgets. So what can you do asks our director of research, David Perring? The more radical side of me would suggest relegating your learning evaluation programmes to the background and start implementing learning impact programmes [...]

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