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Recipes for E-learning Success

5 Minute Read Fosway 20 Recipes For E-learning Success This is the first in a collection of articles written to support organisations implementing e-learning in the early 2000s. Much of the insight and advice is still relevant to L&D today, particularly in considering a strategy [...]

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Fosway 20: The Next 20 Years of HR, Talent and Learning

As part of Fosway's twentieth anniversary, we are reflecting on the last 20 years in HR, talent and learning, but we have never been about just looking back. Here, CEO David Wilson takes the opportunity to look ahead to the next 20 years and consider not just the 'what' is next but also 'when' things [...]

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Exploring E-learning Content

15 Minute Read Fosway 20 Exploring E-learning Content This is the third and final paper from Fosway's original series analysing the future of learning and the impact of e-learning on organisations at the turn of the century. It explores the different types of content that [...]

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Building E-learning Solutions

30 Minute Read Fosway 20 Building E-learning Solutions As e-learning started to become a reality in corporate organisations around the millenium, Fosway analysts firmly believed it was important for L&D to plan carefully when building e-learning solutions. E-learning should never have been about simply putting [...]

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The Future Of Learning

15 Minute Read Fosway 20 The Future Of Learning As the millenium dawned, e-learning represented a significant opportunity for all organisations, but delivering the benefits required skilled people who understood e-learning models and specialist products. Fosway's early experience with e-learning indicated that success would be [...]

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